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Moonlit Lobby is a Yume Nikki fangame I did in one month for the 2017 Dream Diary Jam. 

You play as a cat named Harley who's fleeing from the rain and maybe more. Tell stories to earn your stay for the night!

This version is a demo. There are 2 posters (doors) to explore, 3 roles (effects) to find, and 7 story fragments to collect. Roles change the way NPCs and items react to you, so use them to progress. If you max out a story's fragments, you have finished the story. I plan to add more in future updates. I hope you enjoy what the demo has to offer so far!


  • old-timey black-and-white limited palette!
  • jumping!
  • humans-- Wait, humans? There are humans in this game?!


  • don't worry about chasers. There aren't any... in the demo that is
  • jumping and screen shaking is light but may cause motion sickness (like I got when playtesting with Harley's speed on max)
  • made in RPG Maker 2003. All art in the game is done by me. Music is by Kevin MacLeod and some SFX are from FreeSound. There's a credits list in the game's READ ME file with song titles and SFX owners.

Install instructions

You need the RPG Maker 2003 RTP to play this game. Download it here! http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/dow...

Extract the ZIP file and run RPG_RT.exe in the unzipped game folder.


Moonlit Lobby.zip 50 MB


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I can't wait for new updates! You really did a greay job on this game.

Great game, art is amazing. Really used the Yume Nikki concept in a new and creative way. The mix between exploration and story is great. Few bugs with the speed but still enjoyable. Would really love a full release. This game needs more attention.

Yo! This is super adorable and creative! I love the new twist on the classic Yume Nikki elements, this is super great. Can't wait for the full thing!